Team Organization

ICT Watch is the initiator of Internet Sehat in 2002, a digital literacy advocacy campaign that still consistently serve Indonesian community until today. In August 2014 at Jakarta, ICT Watch received national acknowledgement, the Tasrif Award from Indonesian Independent Journalists Alliance (AJI). AJI believes that ICT Watch has given significant role in the Internet as a medium for fulfillment of the citizen's right to information.

In May 2016 at Geneva, ICT Watch gained an international achievement, the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Champion (runner-up) award, from the United Nations (UN) - International Telecommunication Union (ITU), under the "Ethical Dimensions of the Information Society "category. UN / ITU considered that the Internet Healthy program is a model of strategy for delivering online ethics and digital literacy advocacy to the public.

In June 2017, for the same award and category, ICT Watch selected as the WSIS 2017 first winner.

In carrying out the activities and programs, ICT Watch warmly collaboration with multistakeholder. ICT Watch is also one of the initiators and activists for several of these, such as Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SAFEnet), Indonesian Internet Governance Forum (ID-CONFIG), Indonesia Internet Governance Forum (ID-IGF) and Indonesia Child Online Protection (ID-COP).


Our Vision
"The establishment of the Internet governance ecosystem that protects and fulfills information and communication technologies, including the Internet, as mandated by the Indonesian Constitution".

Our Mission

  • To develop Indonesian people awareness, emphasis on parents and teachers, on the use of ICT / Internet safely and wisely by children and students. (INTERNET SAFETY)
  • To empower Southeast Asia civil societies, especially freedom of expression activists, by together developing the knowledge and capacity to use ICT / Internet appropriately. (INTERNET RIGHTS).
  • To support global multistakeholder dialogue in ICT and Internet Governance whilst upholding the key principles of transparency, accountability, equality and democracy. (INTERNET GOVERNANCE).

ICT Watch legally registered by the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights on 31 December 2008 in Jakarta, with the name "Indonesian ICT Partner Association".



* Board of Advisory: Onno W Purbo, Maria Advianti, Yan Aryanto, Rapin Mudiardjo
* Board of Management: Mukhlis Ifransah, Dewi W Ningrum, Heru Tjatur

* Board of Executive
For any inquiries, We're here to answer you. Executive Director: Thistle (Act.)
For any inquiries, We're here to answer you. Program Coordinator: Indriyatno Banyumurti
For any inquiries, We're here to answer you. Digital Literacy Officer:
--- Internet Safety: Laila Ayu Karlina, Acep Syaripudin
--- Internet Rights: Sherly Haristya
--- Internet Governance: Donny BU
For any inquiries, We're here to answer you. Operation Officer:
--- Finance & Administration: Siti Hanafiah, Eli Yuliana (Anazkia)
--- IT Research & Development: Akhfiyan Qoyyum, Frenavit Putra
--- Community Development: Almascatie, Denden Sofiudin, Eddy Prayitno (Sun Timoer), Eri Kasman Gafar

* Partners: Andri Johandri, Damar Juniarto, Hersinta, Nike Febbysta Andaru

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