Internet Governance

These are some selected photos of Internet governance related event that ICT Watch team was actively involved and/or engaged with. Caption for the photos, any other relevant photos, would be completed/added later. For brief information, please send us email to info[at]

The 10th Global IGF, November 2015 – Joao Pessoa


Stockholm Internet Forum, October 2015 – Stockholm
sif-01 sif-03sif-02 sif-04 sif-05

APrIGF, July 2015 – Macao

apr-igf2015-01apr-igf2015-02 apr-igf2015-03

The 9th Global IGF, September 2014 – Istanbul


The 2nd ID-IGF National Dialogue, August 2014 – Jakarta


The 8th Global IGF, September 2014 – Bali


The 1st ID-IGF National Dialogue, June 2012 – Jakarta


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