Indonesian ICT Partnership Association (ICT Watch) is civil society organisation (CSO) established in order to develop, empower and support people, other CSOs and multi-stakeholder in Indonesia for their right to information. We believe that the Internet is one of the most powerful tools for facilitating citizen engagement in building democratic societies and promoting a range of human rights. Therefore, ICT Watch provides information to the society about the dynamics and potential benefits of Internet through campaign, publication and variety of public activities. ICT Watch stands clearly on opposing unclear policies encroaching censorship on the Internet, and protecting access to information for societies. Further it stimulates safe and wise Internet use in Indonesia. ICT Watch proud member of Indonesian CSOs Network for Internet Governance (ID-CONFIG) as well as Indonesia Internet Governance Forum (ID-IGF). ICT Watch was initiated in 2002 and legally registered on 31 December 2008 in Jakarta.

Our Vision
“The establishment of Internet ecosystem and governance in Indonesia that implement the protection and fulfillment of rights to information, the rights to have freedom of expressions and utilization of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Internet strategically, as mandated by Indonesian Constitution”

Our Mission

  • To develop Indonesian people awareness, emphasis on children and family, on the use of ICT and exercise Internet safely and wisely. (INTERNET SAFETY)
  • To empower Indonesian civil society, especially information and human rights activists, by supporting them to use the ICT and Internet as those are the enabling tools in fulfilling the right to information. (INTERNET RIGHTS).
  • To support Indonesian multi-stakeholder dialogue in ICT and Internet Governance whilst upholding the key principles of transparency, accountability, equality, collaboration and professionalism. (INTERNET GOVERNANCE)

Our Contact
ICT Watch (House of The Internet Sehat )
Jl Tebet Barat Dalam 6H No 16A, JKT 12810 – Indonesia
Phone: +62 (021) 98495770 | Fax: +62 (021) 8292428 | Email: info[at] | Also find us on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Flickr. |Link to the Organizational Structure|

Location (GPS): -6.237538 (lat), 106.848874 (long). Please see the map.

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